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15 July 2011 @ 10:17 pm
New Favourite Bag & Jewleries  
I know I haven't been updating/blogging for almost a month?! I've been meaning to blog and there are so many things that I want to blog about but it's just that I've been busy lately going out for the past few weekends.  

And then when I'm actually home, I just don't want to do anything like sit down and write a long entry on what's been happening in my life and all. In fact there are LOTS happening at the moment, lol. Instead, I'm on this lazy mode where I'm like, "oh let me check what's on tumblr" or "let me catch up on watching the TV shows that I've missed out on for the past couple of days" LOL. So yeah, that's what I've been busy doing instead of blogging. And because sometimes I just get extremely lazy to edit pictures and upload them to write a blog entry. However, I do miss blogging so much and I want to get back into blogging more often but sometimes life makes things difficult to do.  I really wish there are more hours in the day for me to do the things I want to get done. Sometimes I just feel like the day is so short although it is the summer and the day is suppose to be longer!

Anyway, I did some shopping recently that I want to blog about. I bought some gifts for 2 of my friends birthday that just passed and a few items for myself as well.

MY NEW FAVOURITE BAG! I've been wanting to get a new bag for the longest time now. I wanted something casual but cute looking and  that would fit everything that I need to carry (food + everything else I need to bring for work) and this was just perfect! The sort of "on the go" bag where you can easily carry around to anywhere and pair it with any outfit that I'm wearing. I just LOVE this bag!

It's also got two large pockets at the front where I can easily just slip a bottle of water in or an umbrella and even my iPod touch so that I don't always have to dig into my bag to get my iPod whenever I want to change the song that I'm listening to. Having front pockets on a purse/bag is just so much more convenient! It also has another long strap where you can adjust the length and wear it over your shoulders on the side with the bag hanging low next to your legs if you don't want to carry it around your arms. Another great bonous and why I love this bag so much!  I think I might want to buy another one because I don't know, I'm afraid this one might just break on me or something and beacuse I always carry so many things in my bag. LOL!

I got this music notes necklace at Forever21 for a friend.  It's a short necklace and hangs slightly below your collarbone. When I saw this necklace it just reminded me so much of my friend. My friend plays the violin and she took the exam to become a certified violinist and passed it a few years ago, so she's actually qualified to teach violin to people. In fact a few summers ago she was giving "private lessons" to teach these little kids how to play the violin. It is a simple and elegant neckalce and I thought it just suits my friend so well. She doesn't wear anything too long and dangly so this was just perfect!

I got this double chain heart gold necklace for another friend. It's got hearts, pearls, crystals, and balls on it and it just looked very pretty!  I think I might want to get one for myself because I'm starting to really fall in love with it, hahaha. It's cute, girly, and casual to wear for days when you want to dress up your outfit with a nice accessory. Simple and sweet!

And I also got two new neckalces for myself. =)

I've been wanting to get one of these long, black beads, chained cross necklace for a really long time. It's simple and casual to wear for any outfit to give it that sweet, elegant, gothic look that I tend to dig for sometimes. lol. Simple accessory is always a good choice to get!

Another simple "heart key" necklace that I got. It's a short necklace that hangs slightly lower the collarbone line as well. I have a lot of long necklaces but I don't have many short necklaces so I've been wanting to buy more shorter piece neckalces. It's a great balance to have especially when there are certain outfits that just look better paired with a short simple necklace.  

That's all for the update. I think I'm going to go catch up on watching some TV shows now. I've been falling behind with them, lol.
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(Anonymous) on August 15th, 2011 04:33 pm (UTC)
That bag is simply fantastic!