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22 April 2012 @ 05:39 pm
H&M And Victoria's Secret Shopping  
I'm back with more shopping and fashion post, lol. I'm doing pretty good with blogging more frequently. Let's just hope I don't jinx myself and start disappearing again.  Although I think I might be actually quite busy next week so I might not have time to blog.

Anyway, did a bit of shopping this week.

New body creams that I got from Victoria's Secret just earlier today. My brother gave me these discount cards that he got from work and it expires in 8 days and plus I needed to get some new body creams because I'm almost done all mine. Saved $10 with my brother's discount card on these. Yes, I only like the Pure Seduction and Love Spell body cream. It's actually the two best ones out of all the creams that they have at Victoria's Secret. Also been trying to put my iphone camera in use lately and testing out my photo apps. I quite like this Lemeleme app. It has great filters!

ICE CREAM! Bought ice cream on my way back home from Eaton's. Mixed chocolate vanilla with chocolate dip. Omg, I used to LOVE eating this when I was a kid. Ah, I just love eating ice cream. It makes me feel like a kid everytime I eat it.  

Leopard print blue deinum vest from H&M that I got on Friday. This vest is so cute! I can totally picture this item featured in the Popteen or Seventeen magazine. I can also see this being one of my favourite items for the summer as it's so simple and easy to match. I can match it with a short or long skirt or pair it with some shorts. Casual cute wear for summer days!!

Pretty pretty white lace dress that I also got from H&M. Ah, I love dresses. I could wear them all year round, lol.

Cute LOVE bunny earphone plug accessories that I got for my iphone from ebay. I want to get more of these!! I also found some cute Doraemon and Mickey and Minnie mouse iphone accessories on ebay.

Hadakanbo cartoon Pi on my lock screen wallaper, haha.

I'm still waiting on so many things to come that I bought from ebay. Still waiting on one more iphone case and some hair accessories and a pair of earring. I wish Canada customs would stop holding on to my packages and give them to me already. I'm getting so impatient of waiting for my packages to come.

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Freedom: Weider Votomodachi0409 on April 23rd, 2012 04:41 am (UTC)
Okaeri~! Back to blogging about your shopping I see. Nice... (≧∇≦)b

I really like your iphone case my dear~! And also your wallpaper as well ne~ ☆-( ^-゚)v

One thing I have to say is that your ice-cream pic is AWESOME!! Good job!! (^人^)
山P ♥: Inoue Mao // I'm Awesome!sweet_honeydew on April 23rd, 2012 03:54 pm (UTC)
Shopping makes me so happy! lol.

Yeah, I just changed my iphone case again recently, haha. I'm still on a search for more new cases though. Hehehe, isn't cartoon Pi so cute?!

Thanks! I really like the ice cream picture too. Thanks to the great photo app I used, lol. Btw, they shipped the 2nd copy of the Ending Planner photobook to me. I think it should be arriving shortly. =)