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13 May 2012 @ 09:09 pm
Sasa Haul & New iPhone Case  
I bought some beauty products from Sasa and just received my package last week.

Strawberry yogurt mask and black pearl mask from My Beauty Diary. I've already tried the strawberry yogurt before so I'm just replacing it because I finished my current box. I'm excited to try the black pearl mask though as it is their #1 top selling mask and I've read tons of great reviews about it. I think I might actually try the mask tonight, lol.

New black liquid eyeliner from Tsubasa Masuwaka's Dolly Wink line. I love the packaging, it's so cute! Tried this eyeliner the other day and it's pretty good. Glides on my eyelid really smooth and it doesn't smudge.

Had Pho (Vietnamese noodles) for lunch with a friend. Omg, I haven't had this for almost an entire year.

New panda iPhone case.
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Amy: NEWS ≡ PARTY TIMEcolloquillism on May 14th, 2012 05:28 am (UTC)
LOL, I just had pho the other day too! But I always have it at least once a month so it's not that big of a gap like yours, haha. And I actually have the same phone case as yours! Well, it's not for an iPhone but it's the same design :)

Hope you're well! Haven't spoken to you in quite a while, actually!
山P ♥: Akira // Cutenesssweet_honeydew on May 14th, 2012 02:33 pm (UTC)
Oh hey, omg I haven't spoken to you in soooo long! I'm doing well. How are you doing? Did ya finish first year of university? How do you like it?

Lol, I rarely go out to eat for lunch and ya that's why I haven't had pho in such a long time. Oh really, yay for having the same case design. I love iPhone cases! I've been buying new ones non-stop ever since I got my iPhone. XD
Amy: NEWS ≡ forevercolloquillism on May 15th, 2012 12:59 am (UTC)
That's good to hear! I'm good too :) I've actually just started university and I'm nearly finished with my first semester :D think I'm going to need more time to be able to transition to uni but I'll get used to it! The travel time to uni puts me off though because it's an hour away :( and I have a 9am class on one day so it's pretty tough trying to get out of bed considering that it's nearly winter here, haha.

Oooh, I see. I go out to eat lunch with my high school friends once a week because we promised each other to make time for each other, LOL. It's getting to the point that we're running out of places to go, lol.

I love the case! It's so cute and it feels good, hehe. I was tempted to get an iPhone just because of the cases available! There are sooo many and they're all so cute! My phone's pretty big so there's hardly any nice cases for it. I just want to start a collection, LOL
山P ♥: Akira // Happysweet_honeydew on May 15th, 2012 02:54 am (UTC)
I know how you feel! 9am classes are horrible when you have to travel so far to get to school. It's especially hard when you have late classes in the afternoon on all the other days and you only have that one class at 9am throughout the week and you're like so used to sleeping in, lol. Oh is it nearly winter for you? It's actually nearly summer here in Toronto. Ah, I'm dreading the heat. I want fall again! lol.

I only get to see my friends a few times in a year because everyone either live too far away or there's always a conflict in our availability to meet. =(

I'm starting to build a mini collection already. I have 6 cases now and I'm about to order 4 more online. LOL! I find that the ones they sell on ebay are much cheaper and they have a cuter selection to choose from too. The only bad part about buying it online is I have to wait about a month for it to come in the mail.
Amycolloquillism on May 20th, 2012 04:45 am (UTC)
That sounds horrible :( I tried to set my timetable so that I'd start at around 10-11 and end before 2 because I wanted to avoid the rush hours and I didn't want to get home late. But because of that I'm on for all 5 days :/ Hopefully my semester 2 timetable's nicer :')

Yeah, 10 more days until Winter. :( I'd love to have the heat over here in Australia, LOL. It doesn't help that most of my clothes are Summer clothes so I'll have to go buy some new Winter clothes.

Ngaw, that's sad :( Idk how I'd manage because I'm so attached to my high school friends.

LOL that's a lot of cases! You can have a new case every day! hehe. Wow, that's surprisingly a long wait. But I'm sure it's worth the wait anyway! You can have all the cases to admire later on :)
山P ♥: Akira // Happily Flapping Armssweet_honeydew on May 20th, 2012 09:42 pm (UTC)
Ya but that was before when I had school. Now it's 9-5pm work schedule for me. lol.

Hahaha aww, the weather is getting so warm here now and I need to pull out all my summer clothes. I just hope the weather doesn't get too hot because I like wear layers but sometimes it's too much to wear in the summer. =(

I know it is sad but that's the reality work life, sigh. We promised we would see other each at least once a month for the summer though.

Lol my brother keep asking me why do I buy so many cases. It's because I get bored of them I need to constantly change them everyday, lol! It seems that it only takes longer to come in the mail when I buy stuff online from China/Hong Kong but it gets here pretty fast when I order stuff from like Korea and the U.S. Strange! But yes when they all come, I have all these pretty and cute cases to admire on. =D
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